Statements of Economic Interests 2017

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Carol Wold03/25/2017
William Wold03/25/2017
Kimberly S Grace03/24/2017
Laurie J Wimberly03/24/2017
Michelle Chavers03/24/2017
Daniel Dannenberg03/24/2017
Kathleen Ellen O'Connor03/24/2017
Tricia Coffman03/24/2017
Alan Wissmiller03/24/2017
Ann L. Brezinski03/24/2017
James Moody03/23/2017
Larry Sharper03/23/2017
Terry Meyer03/23/2017
Gale Jensen03/23/2017
Raymond VanGilder03/23/2017
John Evans, Sr.03/23/2017
Mary Hannan03/23/2017
Julia Waskosky03/23/2017
Sheila Kramer03/23/2017
Steve McCarty03/23/2017
Mark Lesyna03/23/2017
Jeanette Sneed03/23/2017
Amy Ciaccio Jarvis03/23/2017
David W. Cagle03/23/2017
Jill S Pristach03/23/2017