Statements of Economic Interests 2023

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Jeannine M Guebert04/11/2023
Grant D VandenHout04/11/2023
Darcy J Stomberg04/11/2023
Janalynn Anderson04/11/2023
Jammie Shell04/11/2023
William Draper04/11/2023
Dorothy Timms04/11/2023
Juno Works04/11/2023
Jennifer Odle04/12/2023
Sharlene Parr04/12/2023
Amy Ciaccio- Jarvis04/12/2023
BRIAN TIERI04/12/2023
ADAM G MCCURDY04/12/2023
Tonya Evans04/12/2023
Timothy J. Wilhelm04/12/2023
Jim Patterson04/12/2023
Candace Wells04/12/2023
Bruce Conway04/12/2023
Darrell Cross Pendleton04/12/2023
Kori Giacometti04/12/2023
judith a. smead04/12/2023
LaDawn Armstrong04/12/2023
Nickolas Allen04/12/2023
James Duggan04/12/2023
Christine Horn04/12/2023